May 26 2020

Why Condo Living Is The Future: A Space to Work, Live, and Unwind

Can you imagine getting a workout done, going to the office, relaxing by a pool, and seeing a movie all on the same day? Today, it’s finally possible. The future of living is here.

When choosing your new home, one of the most important deciding factors is what’s in its surrounding neighborhood. A location that’s close to your office, near great restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, or even gyms might be a key to making your new home the happiest place on Earth. 

This is precisely why the future of homes is changing to become a living space where you can work, live, and unwind at the same time! Masterfully-planned condo communities with all the amenities you can think of aren’t just a thing of the future – they are here. 

Here are 6 reasons why luxury condo living will become the future of all living spaces:

1. No Commutes

This is one of our favorite ones. Nobody likes driving through rush hour traffic twice a day to then spend all day at the office. This is why having your office in the same space as your home is the best option for you to save time and increase productivity. 

The lines between work and leisure have faded with time, becoming even more blurry with the popularization of remote work. That’s why people are choosing to settle down in a residence where they can – quite literally – do it all. And this doesn’t only include working from home (although that’s always a possibility), but rather focuses on people living and working within a small geographic area.

“Be sure to have a home office that’s just that — an office. This area should be free of distractions. Whenever you’re in here, you’re at work.”

Tom Nathaniel, Founder of

People no longer have (or want) to work from 9 to 5 in an office with a mandatory hour-long lunch break. They don’t even have to punch a timecard. This means that society, as a whole, is working differently, choosing their own hours, workplaces, and combining work and play to fit their productivity needs.

I ensure that I work only 8-9 hours in a day and then totally shut off. It is important to give yourself rest, keep away from screens, and spend some quality time with yourself and the family.”

Chhavi Agarwal, remote career expert at Mrs Daaku Studio

This rest-work-play attitude is easier to come by when everything you need (office & leisure spaces) are near each other.

2. It Saves Time

Having all the necessary amenities in the same space can save some serious time. You no longer have to drive to hit the gym or waste time choosing which restaurant you want to try. Also, you no longer have to spend time driving back.

“I try to do as much as I can in my home. For example, I will *not *go to the gym for a workout. I will work out at home to save myself the 20 minute drive to and from the gym.”

Shadi Delshad, founder of National Kitty

When everything is in the same place, it’s not only possible but also easy to do all manner of things on the same day. Whether it’s lounging at the pool, hitting the gym, enjoying a movie screening, sipping a few drinks at the bar, doing some shopping, or simply strolling through the park, you enjoy all of it when you live in a master-planned condo complex.

3. Safety Comes First

A key differentiating factor in luxury condo living is safety. Having 24/7 staff available, as well as security measures that guarantee you are living in the safest space possible is worth gold in this day and age.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about alarm systems, security cameras or even hiring some extra help to keep your house and belongings safe. When it comes to condo living, all-day security is not only a commodity, it’s an assurance.

4. Fine Dining

There’s really nothing that compares to a fine culinary experience at a great restaurant. Except, perhaps, that it’s so close to your home that you can go anytime you want. Think about it: fine dining whenever you want it. Any. Time. You. Want!

Saying hello to exquisite food -be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – is one of the main reasons why retail condo living is the future of residency. 

5. Luxury Feeling

Amazing shops and boutiques, infinity pool, all-day spa, outdoor yoga classes, and pet-friendly amenities can make you feel only one thing: luxury. Living in a space that encompasses everything means you truly are living on top of things and in one of the most magnificent places on the planet. You needn’t go any further.

6. Less Stress, More Play

Where is the best place to live in Florida? Or the world? Easy: a place where you have less stress and more time. When you have both the professional space to work and the necessary luxuries to relax all within your grasp, what else can you ask for?

You choose your working hours, your relaxation hours, and even your active hours. And you have the freedom to choose because they’re all available within the same space. 

This is where Metropica comes in. It’s ALL here. A masterfully designed complex with luxury condos, infinity pool and outdoor jacuzzi, fully-equipped fitness center, full-size tennis courts, indoor clubroom, surround-sound movie theater, pet spa, and 24/7 reception area to accommodate your every need. Simply put, one of the best places to live in Florida in 2020. 

A space to live, work, and unwind. A life with work and entertainment fulfillment. A life worth sharing with others and that you will enjoy every minute of every day, whether it’s by the pool, the bar, the office, or the park. 

Discover more about our residences and luxury amenities or contact us to get all the answers you need. 



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