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Dec 01 2016

Reason #13 to Love Metropica: Completely Connected

At Metropica, every aspect of life is connected. Residents will have 24/7 access to high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the grounds, making it convenient to browse online, connect with others, share updates on social media networks, and much more.

During the project’s design process one of the main priorities was incorporating the latest technology in each unit. The result being that every residence is pre-wired to support smart-home systems, which can control everything from the thermostat, to indoor lighting, music, TV remotes and many other elements.

Units will also feature a variety of charging stations for devices such as laptops, tablets, phones and electric cars. If you own a Tesla, or other electric model vehicle, it will be a convenient way to power up before hitting the road.

Metropica will also offer its own smart phone app, where residents will be able to receive important updates, share information with neighbors, make reservations for special amenities and efficiently interact with the surrounding community.

Whether you’re walking through Metropica’s central park, shopping in the outdoor mall, sunbathing at the Beach Club, or working out at the fitness center, you can always ensure you will have speedy connection at all times!

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