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Nov 21 2016

Reason #12 to Love Metropica: Internationally Renowned Design Team

Metropica reflects the work of an award-winning team of international masters. Designers that are internationally renowned for their various talents and expertise have crafted every aspect of the project with the highest level of quality and aesthetic integrity.

Featuring architecture by Chad Oppenheim, CI Design and interiors by YOO, Metropica’s residences and towers are a celebration of tropical style for contemporary lifestyles. Not to mention, the alluring landscape design by EDSA, which creates a lush paradise surrounding and connecting every part of the community. This is a place where you can truly live surrounded by beauty.

Chad Oppenheim, lead designer and principal of Oppenheim Architecture + Design, is a Miami-based international architect. His firm’s award-winning work encompasses all realms of design, ranging from large-scale urban architecture, hotels, resorts, and luxury homes, to interiors and furnishings. Oppenheim’s work can be found all around the world with buildings in Europe, Australia, Dubai, the Caribbean and Latin America. His signature modern style is evident in Metropica’s design, which incorporates functionality and timeless appeal.

Another design firm behind Metropica is CI, which focuses on award-winning planning, architecture and interior design services for national and international clients. This renowned team has created spaces and projects that range in function and style, for example: workplaces, hospitality and residential, retail and entertainment, and mixed-used developments.

Metropica’s landscaping has been designed by EDSA, which has been creating sustainable outdoor spaces for more than 50 years. Working in nearly 100 countries across the world, EDSA delivers thriving surroundings that offer beauty and function. At Metropica, EDSA’s thoughtful designs will give residents the ultimate ravishing atmosphere with landscaped pathways for biking and walking, as well as wide-open green spaces for recreational purposes. Metropica’s design team is also working with a distinguished group of world class artists to commission interactive pieces that residents will be able to interact with, climb on and admire.

YOO is another world-renowned team behind the project. The London-based firm founded by John Hitchcox and Philippe Starck is the visionary brand behind luxurious contemporary residences in some of the world’s most captivating destinations. Yoo has completed over 82 projects in 57 cities and 34 countries, making it a recognized lifestyle brand all around the world.

Just like YOO Founder, John Hitchcox, said: “Metropica’s beautiful lobbies, stylish dining areas, swimming pools, gyms and residents’ bars are the new community spaces – the modern day campfires around which residents can relax, discuss the issues of the day, share ideas, interests and wisdom and watch their children grow up.”

This is the backbone of the community we are building, and we want you to be part of the action!

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