Aug 17 2020

Q&A with Mihaela

What brought you to Metropica?

I was very familiar with the project and saw a great opportunity to support the development with my business planning and real estate development expertise. Metropica’s visionary plan affords its residents the best of all worlds – all the amenities of luxury condominium living, coupled with open spaces and access to nature.  After all, Metropica is re-defining luxury in the western corridor of Greater Ft. Lauderdale.


What is your job?

As Metropica’s Brand Ambassador, I will be focusing on maintaining, renewing and establishing new strategic partnerships with the business community,  local authorities and organizations, and of course, with the South East Florida real estate broker community. At Metropica, we are extremely grateful for the continuous support of our local community as well as of the broker community. I will be ensuring that the realtor community is provided with all the necessary support to incorporate Metropica into their book of business in order to help them earn commissions with us.


What do you like best about working for Metropica?

I strongly believe in team work, and it’s clear to me that from the developer to management, to marketing and to the sales team -, we are all dedicated and committed to a common goal,  that of communicating that Metropica is so much more than a development, it is a lifestyle evolution in the area. To be part of that type of energy and excitement is what I live for.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am the happiest when I see our partner realtors succeed. I love sharing Metropica’s concept with the real estate community and getting them acquainted with the numerous opportunities that Metropica has to offer them and their clients.


Tell me a little about the broker events you host. How do they benefit brokers?

We are currently organizing personalized tours of our four masterfully designed model residences within our first residential tower, Metropica One. For our international brokers so we are planning a series of virtual presentations. . We are also working on monthly top producer panels, real estate workshops and training seminars which are meant to bring the broker community together and equip them with the know-how on both Metropica and the ever-changing market in which we are all working. As personalized (appropriately social distanced) tours are now permissible, we look forward to visiting with our realtor friends. An onsite experience will provide better perspective on the value of our partnership and will help you better advice your clients on the benefits of Metropica. .

To that end, I would like to invite you and your office to tour our spectacular Metropica One and participate in all our broker events. We will provide valuable insight on Metropica’s best-of-all-worlds lifestyle, and help provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to have you earn commissions with us.


What should someone do who is interested in having an event for their office?

Please contact me directly at 954-266-9570 or via email at [email protected] and I will be delighted to assist you with setting up an appropriate venue specific tour for you and/or your office. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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