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Sep 01 2016

Reason #1 to Love Metropica: A Tropical Metropolis

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in the midst of a relaxing tropical setting with the practicality of a modern metropolis, Metropica is the place for you. Our tri-color logo features vibrant green, yellow and blue to symbolize nature, sun, and water, but also to exemplify the functional, master-planned hub where residents can live, shop, dine, and work all in one place.

Metropica features a combination of residential, office, and retail spaces that allows both visitors and residents to enjoy a brilliantly designed 4 million square foot master-planned community that has it all in one place. You can relax and surround yourself with nature’s beauty while having access to all of the exciting and convenient elements of a thriving urban center.

Every aspect of Metropica has been designed to the highest level of quality and aesthetic integrity by a renowned team with a reputation for its talent and expertise. Tower 1 celebrates the freshness of a lively tropical style combined with a contemporary lifestyle, designed by YOO Studio, Chad Oppenheim, and CI Design. Far from the bustling concrete-city landscape, Metropica breathes fresh air because of its lush landscaping that will embrace the entire community, creating an energetic ambiance throughout.

With impeccably landscaped pathways filled with native plants, Metropica’s tropical vibe mixes harmoniously with every day life to offer a resort-style lifestyle where everything is at your fingertips. Why would you live anywhere else?

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